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RADA is an acronym for Rape, Alcohol, Drug, Abuse.

RADA is a humanitarian organisation focused on empowering individuals. RADA adopts a holistic approach to addressing issues of addiction and abuse, with a pro-active side through training and a reactive side through healing. At RADA, the focus is on self-responsibility and self-awareness, an important attribute that can redefine the way we treat others. Respect, tolerance and understanding of others is critical in creating a safe and peaceful environment for all.

RADA strives to create change in individuals and encourages people to give thought to the way they react to everyday situations and in doing so inspires others to do the same.
This is the start to a ripple effect which brings about positive change in the world around us.

The RADA Vision

“To facilitate an effective healing process by creating an environment of peace, compassion
and safety so that it awakens the power and light that exists within all beings.
To help each person realise that they possess the divine light within to achieve their dreams, that we are all
powerful beyond measure and that being pure and good is a natural state of mind that we all deserve.”

Who is RADA?

RADA Challenge by Derek Watts

RADA History

We Stand Together Music Video

Derek Watts interviews JP Nobrega

Derek Watts with RADA MD Jacqueline Gilbert

The RADA Adopt-a-Home Project

provides assistance to existing homes of safety for abused and abandoned children, people with disabilities, the homeless, the elderly childhood development (ECD) centres.

The RADA Feeding Project

provides assistance to existing farms to enable them to provide food for their community

The RADA Tough Times Project

is aimed at providing assistance to severely underprivileged communities – communities experiencing tough times with the hope creating an understanding that no matter how tough times may be, there is always choice and opportunity to create a better platform from which to succeed and to encourage, enable and educate communities to improve their circumstances. To communicate that support is at hand no matter how small the contribution is and that people do in fact care and wish you to succeed.

RADA MiPad Project

is all about empowerment. We have designed and manufactured our own brand of reusable sanitary pads (RADA MiPad), with a life span of approximately five years. Not only will this assist in keeping a girl in class for her high school years but it will also help alleviate the financial burden faced by households who can now exclude expensive sanitary pads from their monthly shopping. RADAs aim with the RADA MiPad is to make a positive impact on the lives of girls, by empowering them to stay in school, consequently enabling them to live a life filled with opportunity.

RADA Unearthed

is the music side of RADA and focus on empowering people and creating a platform that assists all musical artists from all genres of music to showcase their talents. In addition, through RADA CARE we have developed the RADA Music Project, which is aimed at aiding individuals in all communities within South Africa who would like to be part of the musical arts. We work with various organisations and individuals with established track records and experience related to production and music. The purpose is to ignite the passion for music and to give the artist the opportunity to explore a hidden talent. The RADA Music Project aims to awaken a sense of hope in people and to create an outlet in which expressing one-self is made possible.

RADA Training Academy (RTA)

joined forces with NextGen enabling RTA to provide 23 learnerships and 140 personal development and soft skills short courses to corporates and subsidized courses to underprivileged communities. Based in Randburg this education centre provides workshops and SETA accredited courses where they currently train individuals from the corporate sector as well as individuals from the community which is largely sponsored.

RTA offers subsidised courses in;

  • Call centre training
  • Computer training and Receptionist training
  • Career development training
  • Life-skills and economic empowerment training

The RASI Project

Involves a fun interactive road safety animated video, endorsed by the RTMC (Road Traffic Management Corporation of South Africa) intended to teach young and old the fundamentals of crossing a road safely.

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